Kids Pavadai Sattai

Traditional Kids Pavadai Sattai online at Direct Manufacturing Price
 Pavadai Sattai has always been a traditional south indian outfit for girls. Every woman is bound to remember her very first pavadai sattai from her vintage photo albums.
It is every girl’s first glance into the world of silk. This outfit later metamorphoses into a half-saree during adolescence and then later to a saree as she transforms into a woman.
As much as Muhurtham Sarees are engraved in hearts, a girl can never truly forget her 8 year-old self in pavadai, an unblemished memory.
Unlike the current ‘fashionable’ garments made for kids these days, pavadai sattai spreads traditional elegance and grace in its little frame. We, at Elampillai have tried to re-create the same nostalgia with playful colour combinations and stunning necklines.
They were in fashion a decade ago and will always remain in fashion for the years to come. For all parents who are silk patrons, introduce your little girl into the world of silk with our beautiful collection of pavadai sattai.

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