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Adding Products

You can add products with your login. Adding products depends on the product, the category Your offer details will be displayed on a “product detail page.” If you’ve ever shopped on, you’ve seen one. Product detail pages are where customers find all of the relevant information about a particular item.

Product Listing

To start selling a product on Elampillai Sarees, you’ll create a product listing in Seller Central .A product listing includes:
  • A SKU, which is a product ID you create to track your own inventory
  • Offer details, including price, product condition, available quantity, and shipping options
  • Product details like name, brand, category, description, and images

Supply Chain Efficiency

This results in cost efficiency and better value to our members.
  • Supply chain must be managed efficiently.
  • Shortages must be exceptional.
  • Any underperformance should be analyzed and quickly addressed.

Receive Orders And Sell Your Product

Once receive the order select “Preview Item” to verify content and pricing of a products in active status and start the process of Packaging.

Get payments and grow your business

After Packaging products deliver to your customer and get payment and grow your business

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